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September 19, 2003


Robert Fulton

Because you are from the heartland you lack the appropriate cynical outlook to create really good satire. Your concept is good, but the whole thing lacks "bite". Think of how you might write it the day after your sweet girlfriend was mugged, your minister left his lovely family to run off with the tacky church organist and you found out that the coating on your one-a-day vitamins has given you stomach cancer.

Rex Stetson

Great Piece, Eric.

You used to be more cynical and bitter, like the previous commenter described, but somewhere along the line you lost your edge...

I think to have been more edgy, you should have gone with a different post title-dropped out the apologies to any midwesterners or DCers that you might have offended. That's a softy move. Fuck em if they can't take a joke. And besides, you shouldn't have to tell anyone that it's an attempt to be funny. It's either funny or it isn't. Otherwise very well written- I have no problem with the body of the piece- hilarious. Much better than Cats.I'm going to read it again and again.

Being from the midwest myself, I can attest to all non-midwestern readers that everything Eric says here is true. Living in DC now, I am continually amazed at the weather hysteria, and the incredibly thin skins of the Washingtonians. Some blogger whom I can't remember remarked that this was the government that we expected to withstand a Soviet Nuclear Attack, but they can't even function with an inch of snow.
New Yorkers seem to be much hardier, but I suspect that it is not the weak constitutions of the DC dweller that are to blame, but rather the fundamental principles of big Government- the reason we're all here: We're spending other people's money, and we have no competition. Federal employees get paid whether they work or not, whether they do well or not. So why show up if you don't have to? Also, while our Metro train system is newer and cleaner that the NY Subway, it is less reliable and more vulnerable to weather delays. Finally, the commute out here is horrible- by car or by train, in good weather or bad. These three factors mean that any Washingtonian who is facing a really helish commute due to weather would much rather stay home- hence the frequent shutdowns for light snow and moderate showers.

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