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August 24, 2003


Joe Incognito


AndrewSullivan.com writes: A jaw-dropping correction in the New York Times today:

A front-page article on Tuesday about criticism voiced by American military officers in Iraq over war plans omitted two words from an earlier comment by Lt. Gen. William S. Wallace, commander of V Corps. General Wallace had said (with the omission indicated by uppercasing), "The enemy we're fighting is A BIT different from the one we war-gamed against."

One simple question: why are the reporters who used that critical quote to exaggerate the difficulties of the allies still working for the NYT? The reporters in question are Bernard Weinraub, formerly of the Hollywood beat, and Thom Shanker.

The full dish on Weinraub is available at:

Joe Incognito

There are loads of comments about Weinraub like this at the above link:


David Poland writes: "Have you noticed that Bernie Weinraub seems to be in the middle of every screwed up story in Hollywood lately? Honestly, I'm sick of being left to clean up after him."

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