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August 21, 2003


Rex Stetson

Why don't the Israelis elect Netanyahu again? He was a hawk- he wouldn't be afraid to take the gloves off. Honestly, I thought Sharon was a tough guy, but unless he gets Abbass to crack down ULTRA-Forcefully (not likely) he is going to look like the Israeli Jimmy Carter.
Which isn't what Israel needs right now at all. They need a George W. Bush, or a Reagan. Actually they need a Churchill. Netanyahu comes off as a sincere, friendly, but tough-as-nails kinda guy. Sharon just looks like a corrupt old nazi (sorry for the comparison, but he is not personable or sympathetic-let alone effective)
The quickest Road Map to Peace would be for Israel to get all their people out of the occupied territory, cede the Palestinians just about all they want, give full amnesty to all non-violent palestinian prisoners, and deport them and any other into a Palestinian State. Then the next Bombing that happens, nuke the fuck out of it. Because then suicide attack is an act of "real" war, not "resistance".

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