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October 28, 2004



I notice they're all women, except for one anonymous who may be a woman also.

I guess if you're not a security mom you're a whining wreck.


Salon writers have been deranged for a while. More than a year ago, Annie Lamott blamed her hot flashes on Bush and the war.

Their readers have now become completely unhinged. I don't think they're going to be able to rehinge themsleves after the election, no matter who wins.

..and you're absolutely right - paying for Salon is not a sign of sanity.

For some reason, the "going underground and reemerging with an even more nefarious scheme" reminds me of a quote from Invader Zim.

"He's not trying to RAISE THE DEAD, is he? It's always the DEAD with that boy...."

Ernie G

Can you beat that? Home Depot is trying to sell shingles, and the Neocons are giving them away.


Mmmm, poisonous and deranging hatred of the Other.

It's funny because it's poetic justice.

Mark Tinder

"What really disturbs me is when I am driving and I see Bush/Cheney bumper stickers, I actually have to remind myself that while ramming into the back of the SUV would be wholly satisfying, it would hurt me physically and throw my financial life into chaos -- two things I can ill afford in this political atmosphere."

Typically, a wholly self-centered take on the situation by a Salon-type liberal. Never mind that "ramming into the back of an SUV" just MIGHT result in death or injury to anyone (including, perhaps, children?) in the SUV. The only thing this worthless slug can think of is how inconvenienced he (?) would be by causing an accident. Is there any wonder that the left in this country is increasingly defined by its lunatic fringe?


It is all just a further manifestation of the victim culture.


Extrapolating from the sample in the Salon letters page, I calculate that the neocons have given shingles to roughly 1.4 million Americans -- ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY (50.1%) WOMEN AND CHILDREN!

There's no time for peer review before the election, but I'm confident that my figures are accurate; I detect bias by comparing what I see with what I expect to see, and as there's no difference at all, we can safely assume that I'm objective.

My methodology in the above calculations is quite marvelous, but unfortunately there's not enough room for it in this comment SORRY THX BYE.


Oh, Lord, the health issues. I hadn't even thought of the moonbats being able to take THAT and twist it into something that is all Dubya's fault.

Heaven help him if the chronic fatigue group and the multiple-chemical-sensitivities group decide to band together and blame the neocons for all their problems (well, more than they do already, that is).


So, if Bush wins, what are the chances that numbats like these will actually get violent?

If Kerry wins, and acts like a sane person instead of a far-left puppet, what are the chances that numbats like these will actually get violent?

I think I'm more concerned with the growing polarization of our country, than WMD's, Haliburton, Explosives or Health Care.

Oh well,

Ratatosk, Squirrel of Discord
Chatterer of the Words of Eris
Muncher of The ChaoAcorn
POEE of The Great Googlie Mooglie Cabal

Roger Mitchell

On election night 2000, at age 32 and in good health, I watched the election coverage from my bed . . . while suffering from a wicked case of the shingles! Do I blame Gore? No. But his #*%!@&%! legal stunts definitely compounded my misery.

What is it with these people and their lists of lifeboat countries? Here's a sure-fire vote-getting campaign message for Bush: "If I win, a number of sniveling UN sympathizers and arrested-development-afflicted celebrities will decamp for other countries." Good riddance and don't let the hanging chad hit you on the way out.


Congratulations on the Instalanche. I believe that is the correct term, for it has the French cache that makes it attractive to our hard-to-win-over "allies" and yet is just confusing enough to make Timesmen think we're part of the VRC.

I will now provide the obligatory: Nice blog! Great links! (blah blah) but seriously: great work. It's about time somebody took the mental health of the sensitive Salon readers seriously.

Oh, and print out a copy of today's hit/visit numbers because it may be awhile before they are as fulfilling.

Neocon is just a synonym

Is it worth pointing out how many folks on the left use "neocon" as a synonym for "jew"? Read those comments in that context, and it seems pretty obvious what's going on in their heads.


"What really disturbs me is when I am driving and I see Bush/Cheney bumper stickers, I actually have to remind myself that while ramming into the back of the SUV would be wholly satisfying, it would hurt me physically and throw my financial life into chaos -- two things I can ill afford in this political atmosphere."

Wait a minute, is this person part of the Liberals of Peace, not to be confused with the religion of peace? Who knows. Ah, well sometimes truth is stranger than fiction...


Eric - good luck in New Hampshire.

Salon has more letters up today, but this group is a little more sane. Although there is this:

"When considering the possibilities for the future I find myself careening from a state of high anxiety to one of quiet despair."


"We were joking about P. Diddy's Vote or Die movement, and she said that she'll opt to die. I almost hope P. Diddy shows up at our house on Nov. 2 and roughs her up a bit. Not that it would change her or anything, but I sure would get a perverse pleasure out of it!"

To be fair, I've never met a Republican or a Democrat who doesn't hate those 'Vote or Die' shirts. What is that slogan supposed to mean?

Eye Doc

Not to be pedantic, but stress can actually cause the virus that causes shingles to be reactivated and cause an attack.

So, maybe those evil neocons did really give her shingles after all. Oh well, anything they can do for the cause is helpful.


Really what the Neocons have given, is the legacy of a new beginning for Iraq. How this plays out is up to the Iraqis.


"but this group is a little more sane"?!

What, you mean the one who screams at every car she sees with a Bush/Cheney sticker, "just to keep [her] blood pressure in check"? Or the one who complains about the "partisan viciousness" of the right, and then mourns the fact that he may cut off relations with permanently with members of his family if they vote for Bush? Oh, and there's a Canadian who says anti-American Canadians never hated us until Bush was elected (straight out of the Guardian's Ohio campaign).

Then again, there's one who admits that her entire identity is built around hating Bush, and she won't know what to do without him.


As shingles can be brought on by stress as mentioned above, how fitting that this writer takes no personal responsibility for her problems and blames someone else?

And yes, the "Rovian Overlords" will rise again, triumph saved for a future date if forced underground, it's in the plan, part of the Great Right Wing Conspiracy... so don't forget to keep that tin foil hat on because once those Illuminati Skull&Bones minions turn on that frequency, all those who rushed for the so-called flu shot will be mind-controlled by the Ashcroft/Rove dominion. Free trade, evidence-based science, self-determination and representative government in the Middle East, low taxes and people OWNING THINGS!!! The Horror! It may be the end of the Third World! (Of course, it means bringing them up to Second World status but still....)

Now babbling senselessly..........must... tell ..the NYT...............


Hell, that's nothing. I got so upset by all this jive that I shingled my house!


Watch the latest South Park and you will see what "Vote or Die" means. P. Diddy and his posse will come and bust a cap in your a$$.


Great blog, Eric! Glad you were Instalanched (that's the term). Love the graphic! Just hope you don't turn into an old curmudgeon like Andy Rooney or Bob Novak. Also I like your blogroll hierarchy. If you blogrolled me (not asking!) I'd hope to be under Wiseasses.


I must live in a cave. I don't know what a neo con or a cabal or salon's letter is...Just looking for more shingles information and don't know how i got to this page.


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