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November 05, 2004



"The Republican Party will eventually split between social/cultural moderates and social/cultural conservatives, with the former either forming a new political party or taking over the skeletal remains of the Democrats."

I had a conversation with a guy at the election party, and he said exactly the same thing. It's a new meme!


Hey Eric,

I know what a fun time it is when the person you've backed wins the race. The person I backed lost and it's disapointing to say the least.

However, I'm not really sure that posting three photos of people with poor judgement qualifies the statement that many democrats have utter contempt for the vast majority of Americans. That's a bit extreme no?

Also while Bush did win based on receiving a larger number of votes, this was one of the closest elections that I can recall. So, based on numbers can you really logically say that the Dem. party is a minor one?



i actually don't check your site much but wanted to read about your gloating. you used to be a really funny guy but now i just feel sad. i wonder what's inside of you that makes you hate democrats (your old friends) so much?

posting those photos and saying that they represent the democratic party is very hypocritical. most democrats are from middle class american families and want the rights of the entire country represented. i don't know how that's elitist but i'm sure you'lll find a way. but i guess hypocracy is not a bad thing as you have the most extreme right wing on your side who wish to impose their agenda on everyone.

congratulations on your victory and maybe you will move on and live your life like a normal american and realize what that feels like.

denise ciecierega biondo

Eric Deamer


So most Bush-supporters do not come from "middle-class american families", and are not "normal americans"? 59 million people aren't? Awesome. Bring the hate baby. We feed on your hate like love. Four more years!! In yo' face!!! Wooooo!

Anyway, could you, like, entertain yourself somewhere else. The grownups are talking here. Thanks.

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