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September 11, 2005



Eric, some of us who support Bush on other issues do so because the facts support our interpretation (as in his actual performance on Katrina as opposed to those who had primary responsibility), or because we genuinely agree with him on certain issues which we have carefully thought out. We can disagree on Terri Schiavo, but it's insulting to have my carefully considered opinion reduced to "robotic, knee-jerk pro-Bush partisanship."

You are starting to sound like the "robotic, knee-jerk anti-Bush partisans" - unwilling to grant those you disagree with any ethical or rational motive.

Eric Deamer

The point is that the whole movement which you consider yourself a part of has lost its way. There once were people who thought of themselves as September 11th Republicans, or Liberal Hawks, or whatever who were somehow different than traditional conservatives or regular partisan Republicans. They made common cause with the right on the war on terror including the war in Iraq and everything else was de-emphasized. The standard bearers of the movement were politicians who didn't fit traditional pigeohnoles like Rudy Giuliani and Ed Koch and Pim Fortuyn and thinkers who were far from partisan Republicans like Christopher Hitchens and Andrew Sullivan and Bruce Bawer and Paul Berman.

Somewhere along the way this was lost and the rank and file "liberal hawks" or whatever term you want to use started de-emphasizing the war on terror/war in Iraq and started weighing in on everything under the sun, and always on whatever side Bush was on. I can't read anyone's mind so I take back anything that seemed to disparage anyone's thought process or motivation. Wherever it's coming from, I can only say that the effect of it is to look like flacking for the Bush administration. This happens on a lot of old-line conservative blogs like Powerline and Hugh Hewitt for instance. But for some reason it's especially pronounced amongst zealous converts, the worst examples being Roger L. Simon and Charles Johnson. The hard-core anti-Bush blogs are not at all interesting to read and are in fact worse, but that just goes without saying.

Since the post-9/11 blogosphere was most defined by the liberal hawks and their energy and unique voices are what made it interesting, I consider the current indistinguishability of liberal hawks from main-line Bush supporters to be quite a loss, which is why I keep harping on it. I also think it's endemic of the shift in American society and culture and why I think this anniversary marks the end of the post-9/11 era.


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