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May 14, 2006



"It's at not being part of the whole pop cultural conversation. I hate being unaware of anything pop cultural. It makes me feel disconnected from my own country. That's why I can't fathom people who don't know who major actors, singers etc. are."

I gave up on that rat race years ago. I still feel twinges but I try to make my peace with it. Also, the older you get the more unseemly it is, kind of like trying to wear cool clothes. You want to settle into a dignified idiosyncracy, where you enjoy your hard-won knowledge of What You Like without being buffeted by the winds of Fashion. At the same time you don't want to appear Crusty, as if you are unwilling to revise or expand your tastes. It's a hard balancing act, probably uses just as much psychic energy as trying to Keep Up.

Gunnar Palace is pretty light-weight, there's a new one coming out called the War Tapes. Should be an interesting comparison. Actually, the War Tapes and Voices of Iraq would make a great double bill.

The Squid and the Whale was cringe-making in a good way, i.e. we all know people like that. March of the Penguins - yes, the debate was as you describe, but everyone loved it! The anthropomorphizing is treacly but it makes a lump in your throat anyway.


I can't explain my disappointment at not getting to watch the first new season of The Sopranos in five years or whatever.

I have heard that some people can download these shows over the net the day after they're shown. I've never done that myself of course, but I could ask how it's done..?

About the Sopranos - the show hasn't died, but it is fading away. I still like it because they get the whole North Jersey gestalt down right. They know Bloomfield Avenue, the clubs, Newark and even Nutley. Of course, even in Jersey we don't shoot our bakers in the foot or whack three or four people per week. We have some restraint. That's why the new season, with more character development, less whacking, is nice to watch. Still, it's less than gripping.

Unlike the Sopranos, Big Love is about a culture that I know absolutely nothing about, so I don't know how accurate it is. My husband can't imagine how any man could survive having three wives (for some reason he thinks one is more than enough trouble) so the polygamy thing is just a curiosity. We usually watch it after Sopranos - in contrast to that Big Love seems kind of bland to me, like eating fishcakes after Linguine al Pesto. When you compare Big Love's bad guy, Roman, with guys like Johnny Sack and Paulie Walnuts, he just doesn't seem all that scary, even though he is played by Harry Dean Stanton.


Welcome back. I've been loving Big Love, definitely catch up through Netflix.

BTW, I saw Brokeback with Allahpundit and Ace of Spades, arguably two of the biggest conservative bloggers, and they did not have the reaction your suspect.


Hey, don't feel bad about it. I had a crack at the real estate thing myself in a moment of madness and desperation.

One of the things you get told here, right on opening, is that something like 80% of newbies drop out of the market in the first 12 months. Less than 4% survive 2 years, and of them only half would be long term in the market - 98% of each years' newbies drop out within three years.

Of the films that you mention, the only one I have seen is LOTR.

I can recommend "The World's Fastest Indian". Great film, great story about a typical kiwi (even if they did get a pommie to play the part and even though he could not get his tongue around the Southland burr).

One that would probably qualify as "B grade art film" in the US was something of a hit over here - the NZ version of "Four Weddings and a Funeral" - called "Sione's Wedding". The humour is very PI (no not pc, PI - Pacific Island) and locals have a lot of fun playing "spot the people we know".

Sorry, but there are very few movies that come out of the Holywood mills (the typo IS intended) that really get me interested.

Chin up laddie.





This is how I watched the Sopranos this season.


Maddux Sports Blog

I hope that things are looking up for you. Hope you start blogging again soon!

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